Services Overview

Dr. McGavin has been in practice for more than 25 years and is skilled in many aspects of dentistry. He knows what is best for each of his patients and never recommends treatment which is unnecessary.         Although Dr. McGavin provides the best dental care & is able to address and resolve the majority of his patients' needs, he works closely with pediatric dental specialists to provide the most desirable outcome for each individual.

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DR. SCOTT K. MCGAVIN DMD - A Best Dentist In Taylorsville UT At west jordan Family Dentistry Providing Quality Dental Care.

Covid-19 Coronavirus IMPORTANT UPDATE!

We will remain open and taking care of our patients as usual. As always,
we will follow OSHA guidelines for infection control. The office will be following the CDC's recommendations as we learn more about this virus and we have increased our disinfection protocol and our deep cleaning schedule.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we ask you to reschedule your appointment if you feel ill, have experienced a fever in the last 24 hours or feel you have been exposed to someone with these symptoms. We will carefully monitor the health of our team and ensure that only healthy employees come to work.

Where possible, please limit those coming into the office to patients receiving care and a responsible party or driver. If a responsible party or driver has a cough or fever, we ask that they wait in the car. It is important for you to wash your hands frequently and we ask you to use hand sanitizer upon check-in.

For patients who may be immune-compromised, those over 60, or those requiring simple monitoring of progress without the critical need for in-office adjustments, we are happy to set up a digital meeting with Dr. McGavin. Please call our office to arrange this.