Dr. McGavin had the opportunity to travel with his wife to Kenya and Tanzania Africa in 1999.  There they were able to see some of the most beautiful animals on the planet in their natural habitat.  In some instances only a hundred feet separated their jeep from these beautiful creatures. Dr. McGavin used his 35mm camera to capture many of these majestic animals.

A beautiful lion and lioness in the Serengeti. 1999

An Elephant and her calf out for a stroll. 1999

A medium sized hippopotamus grazing. 1999

Cape Buffalo smiling for the camera. 1999

Family of giraffes enjoying the scenery. 1999

Curious Cheetah. 1999

Close up of an African Elephant shortly after cooling off in the water. 1999

A lioness watches on as her playful cubs hide behind a tree. 1999

Members of the Maasai tribe welcome Dr. McGavin and his wife into their village. 1999



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